Namada: The Shielded Asset Hub

Namada The Shielded Asset Hub

Transparency in blockchain, while beneficial for the overall security and trust of the network, lacks adequate privacy protection making the end-users data and personal privacy vulnerable to exploits.

Introducing Babylon and its Testnet

Babylon and its testnet

This article offers an introduction to the Babylon protocol as well as an overview of its testnet so far and the upcoming phase that enables BTC staking.

Babylon’s Move To Testnet-4

Babylon Testnet 4

Babylon, a Bitcoin staking protocol that we have covered in detail before, has announced the sunsets of the current bbn-test-3 testnet at 12 pm UTC, 16/05/2024.

Bi-Weekly Cosmos Newsletter

Bi-Weekly Cosmos Newsletter

In this week’s review, we offer you a bird’s eye view of exciting governance discussions and on-chain developments on Initia, Saga, Evmos, Akash, Osmosis, Archway, Persistence, Omniflix, Sommelier, and Quicksilver.

Introduction to SAGA

Introduction to SAGA

Saga is the Layer-1 to launch Layer-1s. A network designed to launch other app-specific blockchains, or as they call them ‘Chainlets’.

Cosmos Hub’s Q2 Roadmap: Gaia, Babylon & Hydro

Cosmos Hub's Q2 Roadmap

Informal Systems, a Cosmos Hub validator that has been mandated to lead development initiatives, has introduced multifaceted, yet fascinating milestones that it plans to accomplish in the second quarter.

Introduction to Agoric

Introduction To Agoric

Skilled blockchain developers remain in short supply, in part due to the complexities of the technology as well as its various programming languages

Brevis coChain AVS

Simply Staking is pleased to be among the fine set of genesis operators to have joined the Brevis coChain for its recent mainnet launch as an Actively Validated Service (AVS) on EigenLayer.

Chromia: Relational Blockchains & Modular dApp-chains

This article provides an overview of Chromia, a base-layer blockchain that integrates relational database technology to offer enhanced scalability and efficient data management for developers looking to build dApps.