Discussing the new Ambassador Program With Polkadot’s Biggest Active Whale

April 18, 2024

What does the future hold for Polkadot’s Ambassador Program? With plans on the table to revamp the initiative, we caught up with the author behind the proposal, Giotto — the largest active whale and a significant voice within the Polkadot ecosystem — in a one-on-one interview to get his take on the current state of the Ambassador Program, why he thinks change is needed, and what these changes could mean for Polkadot’s future. This interview explores the critical aspects of the proposed overhaul and its community reception.

Listen to the full interview right below or read on for a quick introduction to the proposal and interview:


Quick Introduction to Referendum 487: Polkadot Ambassador Program

At its core, Referendum 487 seeks to replace the current Ambassador Program with a new model, acknowledging discontent among certain segments of the DOT community. The revamped program suggests a decentralised, on-chain, rank-based structure where members assume specific roles within a hierarchical framework. The objective is for Ambassadors to serve as Polkadot’s liaisons in business development, outreach, and managing external ties, in addition to welcoming new members and entities to the ecosystem, coordinating events, and encouraging meaningful collaborations.

The full proposal can be found on the Polkassembly platform:

A Glimpse into the Discussion

The conversation with Giotto touches on several pivotal questions:

  • What are the main limitations of the current Polkadot Ambassador Program? Giotto sheds light on why the existing framework, focused primarily on moderation and event coordination, might be falling short in propelling Polkadot to new heights.
  • How does the proposed Ambassador Program aim to overcome these challenges? Learn about the innovative, community-driven approach Polkadot is considering to enhance its global reach and impact.
  • What sets the new program apart from its predecessor? Giotto discusses the envisioned structural and operational changes that promise to transform how ambassadors contribute to Polkadot’s ecosystem.
  • The anticipated outcomes of the revamped program: Discover Giotto’s hopes and expectations for the program’s ability to foster a deeper, more widespread engagement with Polkadot.
  • Community reactions and the path forward: Giotto gives us a sneak peek into the community’s response to the proposed changes and what it could mean for the future of Polkadot and its community.

Why You Should Listen

Curious about the future of Polkadot’s Ambassador Program? Giotto, responsible for the proposed changes, breaks down what’s new and why it matters. This interview is a unique opportunity to get up-to-date with one of the most significant shifts in Polkadot’s community strategy, directly from someone who’s not just observing but making the changes happen.

So, we invite you to tune in and hear about the developments in Polkadot’s Ambassador Program and how it aims to enhance the network and its community engagement.

Listen to the full interview here: