WhiteLabel Validators

We offer Whitelabel Validator services which can be tailored to your needs thanks to our customizable approach, allowing you to seamlessly make use of our robust, secure, and discrete infrastructure.

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Handling of Your Operations

Our VaaS allows an entity to hand-off the technical infrastructure element of running a validator to us and instead focus on other aspects of the business, or maybe even enjoy some additional time off! We allow for a fully customisable experience for the owner of the brand who still maintain full control of the operation, all while leveraging our base infrastructure underpinning their validator.

Security is Key – Your Private Keys Stay Yours

Although the operations are handed to us, we never ask for your private keys. We will help you all along the way to set up what is needed all while you keep a hold of your keys. We believe that security is paramount in this space. The safeguarding and confidentiality of your assets should always remain in your possession.

24/7 Monitoring of Your Operation

Our DevOps team monitor our systems 24/7. This allows for us to diagnose any issues in the shortest amount time as possible to ensure as little downtime. This service is extended to our partners who opt to choose us as their VaaS provider.

Access to Our Secure Infrastructure

As a Whitelabel Validator client, you gain exclusive access to our secure and reliable infrastructure. Benefit from the stability of our operational setup without the need to invest in and maintain your infrastructure. Focus on your project's growth while we handle the intricacies of the underlying infrastructure.

AuthZ Governance Operations

To facilitate your validators' governance operations, we operate through AuthZ (Authorization). This approach ensures that you retain authority over decision-making processes, allowing you to exercise governance rights without compromising security. AuthZ provides a secure framework for managing permissions and access controls.

Flexible Commission Splits

Recognizing the diverse needs of our clients, we offer flexible commission splits. Tailor the fee structure that aligns with your business model and objectives. Our goal is to empower you with choices, ensuring that our Whitelabel Validator services are not only robust but also flexible to accommodate your unique requirements.

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